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Road tracing goes hand in hand with development, according to the Deputy Chief of Staff


Oct 3, 2023

MWARO, October 3rd (ABP) – The Deputy Chief of Staff, Jean Paul Habimana, joined on Saturday, September 30, the people of Mwaro province, in the community work consisting in tracing roads in the new neighborhood located in Musama village, Nyarunazi sub-village in Kayokwe district.

Mr. Habimana said roads go hand in hand with development. He said that electrification and drinking water supply will be easy for the beneficiary people. He called on the people of Mwaro to properly manage the roads because they are public and useful things.

Still in his message to the people, he advocated sanitation and encouraged the development of secondary urban centers.

As for the governor of Mwaro province, Gaspard Gasanzwe, accessibility to a road is in no way a loss but rather an asset to development. No one is allowed to undermine the activity, he concluded.