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Mushroom growing is very profitable, says young entrepreneur from Ndava


Oct 3, 2023

MWARO, October 3rd (ABP) – The young entrepreneur from Gatsinga village, in Ndava commune, by the name of Nadine Ndayishimiye, says that mushroom cultivation is profitable. She told a check by ABP in an interview that this crop requires less land and gives a lot of yield.

She specified that the idea of undertaking in that field came to her from a visit she made to the rural space development and transformation company (SOVERT) of Kibimba, belonging to the Head of State.

Thanks to that work, she indicated that she manages to satisfy her daily needs and even supports her parents by purchasing school materials for her little brothers and sisters.

As difficulties, she noted the low capital, while in her dream, she wishes to make a lot of mushroom farms (imigina), emphasizing that the substrates are easy to find.

So far, she has claimed to have set up 325 mushroom farms which will be able to produce around 650kg of mushrooms, because one mushroom farm can produce two kilograms of mushrooms or more.

She said that the mushroom farms transform in 30 days while the development of mushrooms takes place between 7 and 10 days.

According to Miss Ndayishimiye, a kilogram of mushrooms costs 6,000 BIF. From a market point of view, she sells her production to SOVERT, while the rest is purchased by individuals.

She appeals to young people in general and to those of the Ndava district in particular, to create jobs for themselves and to think about innovative projects. She said she started that project with resources from agriculture.