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Launch of construction activities for an administrative block at the police camp


Sep 20, 2023

BURURI September 19th (ABP) – The Burundi Senate President, Emmanuel Sinzohagera, launched construction work on an administrative building belonging to the Bururi provincial police station on Saturday September 16, 2023,  a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

This work consisted of developing the land where the building will be erected, moving the bricks to the site and mixing the concrete used for the foundation of the building.

In his speech, Mr. Sinzohagera praised the good development initiatives being implemented by the Bururi provincial police station. He also cited modern infrastructure (a conference room with a cabaret), which was built at the Matana communal police station, which is currently operational.

The Senate President asked administrative officials to awaken the people to safeguard peace and security and to make the joint security committees operational because, according to him, the defense and security bodies cannot, on their own, make patrols everywhere.

Mr. Sinzohagera took the opportunity to denounce the behavior of certain magistrates in Bururi, who deliver unfair justice. He also invited the people and the administrative authorities to invest in the protection of the environment and to respect the laws of the country by implementing the Government’s policy of permanent livestock stabling and to definitively eradicate bush fires, which was poor grazing practice.

To welcome the Senate President, the governor’s chief of staff, Mr. Juvent Ndayikeza announced that the security situation has significantly improved despite a case of assassination which occurred in the capital of the Matana commune last week last.

Note that this administrative building under construction will house diversified services of the provincial police station, and will be built at an estimated value of 408 million our francs. To contribute to the continuity of construction activities of that administrative building, the President of the Senate promised 100 bags of cement.