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The preservation of public infrastructure is important, according to Mrs. Sabine Ntakarutimana


Sep 20, 2023

CIBITOKE September 19th (ABP) – The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi, Sabine Ntakarutimana joined on Saturday September 16, 2023, the inhabitants of the headquarters of the Cibitoke province, in Rugombo commune, in the community works consisting of the maintenance of the water evacuation channel of the urban center.

                                                       View of the people participating in the cleaning

The said canal, which should be regularly maintained, constitutes a dumping ground for many ignorant household wastes, although once blocked, many neighboring households experience flooding.

Mrs. Ntakarutimana, in her speech, indicated that the maintenance of such a canal contributes to the preservation of public infrastructure and the protection of the environment. She clarified that this is an important activity, because it even protects households near the canal against frequent flooding.

She called on everyone to make environmental protection their own, by planting trees on the slopes and on all properties.

For the growing season A which begins, Honorable Ntakarutimana encouraged everyone to produce for the family, and have surplus to sell to other areas.

On the eve of the start of the school year, the number two of the lower house of parliament called on parents and all residents of Cibitoke to do their best so that all children go to school, without exclusion.

She did not forget to call on the people living on the border with neighboring countries, to safeguard security, with respect for the quadrilogy.

As for the chief of staff of the governor of the Cibitoke province Anicet Saïdi, he recommended to the people living all around that canal, to carry out regular maintenance, each on their own, instead of waiting for cleanings organized by the administration.