• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Farmers in Northern provinces urged to sow seeds resistant to heavy rain


Sep 15, 2023

KAYANZA September 15th (ABP) – The NGO Inades formation Burundi organized on Wednesday, in the headquarters of Kayanza province (north), a workshop to present and disseminate weather forecasts for the 2024 growing season (Agatasi) to  the partners of the PADIP project (Agro-ecological Project for the Dignity of Producers” of the Kayanza, Ngozi and Kirundo provinces. At the end of that workshop, various measures were taken to limit the damage that could be caused by hazards climate, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

During that meeting, the one who represented the Geographical Institute of Burundi (IGEBU) indicated that sowing will begin in the Kayanza, Ngozi and Kirundo provinces from September 17. He stressed that these Northern provinces will experience heavy rain and that administrative officials and those in charge of the environment, agriculture and livestock must take substantial measures to limit the damage linked to climate change. During the discussions, the participants in the meeting took certain measures, including the sowing of crops that are resistant to heavy rain such as corn, climbing beans, bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes, cocoyam, sorghum, vegetables and many other crops. Farmers in Kayanza, Ngozi and Kirundo provinces were also asked to draw and maintain contour lines without forgetting to install fixing grasses. With the same aim of addressing the damage that could be caused by climatic hazards, residents were invited to widen streams in the marshes, plant trees on steep hills and agroforestry trees and dig catch basins.