• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

The CNDD-FDD party launched the “Turerere Uburundi” program


Sep 12, 2023

MURAMVYA September 11th (ABP) – A delegation from the CNDD-FDD party led by the national secretary in charge of mobilization, ideology, patriotism and sections within the said party, Emery Landry Nyandwi met on Friday September 8 2023 at the Muramvya High School, the new organs of the CNDD-FDD party recently elected in the new communes of Kiganda and Muramvya, to launch the Turerere Uburundi project initiated by the ruling party.

Various recommendations in terms of communication were issued to the new representatives of the Bagumyabanga. They are called to listen to radio broadcasters for reliable information, to be humble and to master their language. They are also mobilized to advise all leaders to abstain to avoid leaking professional secrecy and to think carefully before saying anything, insisted Mr. Nyandwi. He did not forget to prohibit the publication of notes or service letters on Whatsapp or other social media.

Mr. Nyandwi also officially launched the “Turerere Uburundi” program in Muramvya province, which will be implemented with the aim of the ruling party under the theme, “Uburundi bwanje, Kazoza kanje n’ak’abankomokako.”

The participants in that meeting led by the CNDD-FDD party delegation were informed about the establishment of the “Turerere Uburundi” committees, from the base to the top, where the leaders will necessarily be Bakenyererarugamba in the committees of ten members composed of 6 women and 4 men, including a boy and a girl aged 18 and over.

The “Turerere Uburundi” committees are called upon to demonstrate good morals and good leaders to give good advice in problem households so that tranquility within the communities can continue to reign.

The national secretary in charge of mobilization, with the support of other members of the ruling party delegation, reviewed in detail the law which put in place the “Turerere Uburundi” program set by the party so that the recently elected officials in the communes of Kiganda and Muramvya can in turn set up committees in their respective localities.

Note that the establishment of the “Turerere Uburundi” committees is planned, the day which will be specified throughout the country, except in cases of exception.