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The Senate President calls on the people to protect the environment to safeguard arable land


Sep 12, 2023

MURAMVYA September 11th (ABP) – The Burundi Senate President Emmanuel Sinzohagera, together with the elected representatives of the native people, the governor of the Muramvya province and the communal administrators, joined the people of the Busangana village and zone in commune Bukeye, in community work related to the tracing of contour lines for the protection of arable land.

In his speech for the occasion, Mr. Sinzohagera based himself on three key elements, namely the interest of environmental protection, the role of provincial justice officials in establishing justice for all and the appeal to leaders and village notables to organize dialogues with the population to express themselves on the abolition or not of article 289 of the constitution of the Republic of Burundi, relating to the system of ethnic quotas.

The Senate President also asked the Minister of Justice to implement the laws establishing the single-judge system to break with the corruption that is still being talked about in different courts. That will help identify corrupt judges and those who are not, he added.

In his welcoming address, the governor of Muramvya province, Diomède Nzambimana announced that the province is peaceful and that the people are normally going about community and family development work.