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Natives of Nyabihanga commune working in Bujumbura are called upon to develop their native commune


Sep 12, 2023

MWARO September 11th (ABP) – The administrator of the Nyabihanga commune, Gérard Nizigiyimana calls on natives working in Bujumbura to carry out projects in their native commune such as agriculture, livestock, construction of hotels, meeting rooms festivals and others, so that Nyabihanga commune is an emerging commune before 2040 and developed before 2060.

He launched that appeal to them last week, during a meeting he held for them, with the aim of exchanging experience on priority projects for communal development in general and the people in particular to restore the image of the town and attract visitors.

On that occasion, Administrator Nizigiyimana presented achievements for the 2022-2023 financial year.

                                                                                          View of the participants

In terms of education, he indicated that six classrooms were built at Kibungo Basic School, four classrooms at Murama Basic School, nine classrooms and the director’s office at Basic School and three classrooms at Burarana Basic School in finished state. They gave a contribution of 100 bags of cement to Basic School Nyarubayi, 100 bags of cement to the Nyabihanga Communal High School and 16 bags of cement to the Gasave Communal High School.

In terms of infrastructure, they built the Mbogora center market and a small hangar at the Gitaka market.

He also spoke of a native who built a hotel and a meeting room at the Nyabihanga center.

Houses were also built for some vulnerable people and six bridges were reinforced.

In terms of youth, the Youth Center has been equipped. In terms of the environment, we have protected water sources. In terms of land services, we were able to provide 100 land title certificates.

For his part, the vice-president of the Nyabihanga municipal council, Pamphile Bigirimana invited the natives working in Bujumbura to practice breeding, inviting those who can to set up a rabbit farm at the Nyabihanga center. He asked them to participate in community development work in their commune.

Note that the priority projects are the construction of technical and trade schools as well as the construction of a hotel which will bear the name of the hero of democracy, the late Melchior Ndadaye.