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Sugar wholesale traders are called upon to respect the tariff set by the government


Sep 10, 2023

MWARO September 7th   (ABP) – The governor of Mwaro province, Col Gaspard Gasanzwe brought together sugar wholesale traders on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. They discussed the distribution and distribution of sugar from the SOSUMO stock to the beneficiary people.

The governor of Mwaro province, Col Gaspard Gasanzwe took the opportunity to give the message from the head of state saying that the wholesaler who was not in the meeting held on August 31 is removed from the list of traders’ sugar wholesalers until he has delegated someone and justified his absence.

Gasanzwe recommended sugar wholesalers in Mwaro to respect the prices set by the government.

He asked the administration to closely monitor this activity and report from the hill to correct any errors that may appear.

Note that the Mwaro province has eighteen wholesale traders of this product, at the rate of three traders per commune.