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Sugar traders are called on to satisfy the people


Sep 6, 2023

RUTANA September 6th (ABP) – The sale of sugar in the province of Rutana will no longer be done on specific days, but it will be done every day as long as it is available in stocks, indicated the governor of the said province, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga in a meeting he moderated on Monday September 4, 2023, for sugar wholesalers in the province of Rutana.

In order to ensure that the majority of the people in need of that product receive it, Mr. Nibitanga asked that registers be prepared so that each buyer is registered, so that they do not return that day. He also proposed that household notebooks be presented by consumers who purchase sugar so that a household does not receive it twice on the same day from two different retailers.

Some village leaders inform the administration that they have one or two traders capable of taking a certain quantity of sugar to sell to the inhabitants of their villages. For those, Mr. Nibitanga called on sugar wholesalers to add them to the lists of retailers so that the available sugar can reach all the people who need it.

Based on the fact that usually sugar consumers are entitled to only one kilo at the store when it is available, for customers who need a slightly larger quantity such as cafeteria owners, bakery owners or churches who organize parties, communal administrators will decide on the quantity to authorize to each customer. Mr. Nibitanga invited these participants to always call the administration whenever they have problems with the distribution of sugar.