• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Beekeeping can generate substantial income for each household


Sep 10, 2023

MURAMVYA September 7th   (ABP) – Among the projects of the Solidev-Iwacu association is that of beekeeping developed in Muramvya province (Central-West), within the premises of ECOFO Murambi, as indicated by Reverend Pastor Shanuwane Manacé Havyarimana, legal representative of this association, during the launch of the honey harvest campaign, Tuesday September 5, which will extend until October.

The beekeepers benefiting from the SOLIDEV-IWACU project worked in teams of eight to ten people, with ten hives. They plan to build another, slightly larger team.

As for the added value of beekeeping, he noted that it is a project which fits with the wish of the Head of State that every Burundian receives money and also food. This is a project that could generate substantial income for each household. It does not require much effort even if it requires a lot of care, insisted legal representative Havyarimana. Knowing the role of bees in the fertilization of plants, this requires the existence of bees everywhere in nature, noted the representative of the provincial office of environment, agriculture and livestock. The fact that man has managed to tame them is an advantage because their multiplication and protection are much easier, it was emphasized.

With a view to establishing technicians in this field, SOLIDEV-IWACU wants this new profession to be taught in pastoral schools so that there are technicians specialized in that sector for modernized beekeeping.

Regarding the quality and quantity of honey harvested, SOLIDEV-IWACU and the beekeepers benefiting from the said project indicate that they are satisfied with the first harvest.