• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Presentation of the province’s achievements and future prospects


Mar 12, 2024

MURAMVYA March 12th (ABP) – The governor of Muramvya province (central-west Burundi), Mr. Euphrèm Ndikumasabo, organized on Saturday March 9 a day of exchanges with natives and friends of the province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech, Governor Ndikumasabo reviewed the achievements of different communes and in different sectors of the administration. Public infrastructure has been put in place and desks purchased for schools even if, he indicated, there are still 17,000 desks missing. He also indicated that efforts have been made to compensate for the shortage of teachers due to the fact that parents have been made aware to encourage volunteer teachers while awaiting authorization to recruit new teachers. That is so that the Muramvya province can achieve the objective of being among the first 5 in the national competition for the 9th fundamental year and have at least 30% success in the state exam instead of 18% last year, specified Governor Ndikumasabo.

The people were called upon to provide themselves with receipts to be sure that in the event of illness, they will be able to benefit from an ambulance via the referral against referral system, according to Governor Ndikumasabo.

Speaking about the projects, that provincial authority indicated that thanks to everyone’s contributions, the construction work on the Muramvya royal stadium is progressing well. He also noted that there is a project to develop historical and tourist sites in the communes of Muramvya and Kiganda.

View of the participants

The provincial governor indicated that Muramvya has a lot of wealth which does not yet benefit the province and the country, hence an appeal was made to the natives to get involved in the development of the province.

Those exchanges of natives of Muramvya province saw the participation of the 2nd vice-president of the National Assembly, Abel Gashatsi, the president of the development unit of Muramvya province, Gabriel Nizigama and the deputy civil chief of staff at the presidency of the Republic, Mrs. Donavine Niyongere.

Note that it was an opportunity for natives and friends of the Muramvya province to wish each other the best wishes for the year 2024.