• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Towards increased agricultural production


Aug 24, 2023

BUBANZA August 24th (ABP) – Combining efforts is one of the springboards to great achievements, said the members of the Sangwe cooperative of Muhenga village, in Bubanza commune (North-West of Burundi), who built with their own means a mini irrigation dam to increase agricultural production.

A check by ABP has contacted the leader of that Sangwe cooperative, Jean Baptiste Mugabonihera. He pointed out that the said cooperative, made up of 150 members including 69 women, operates in farming.

That mini irrigation dam was built on the Karonge River to irrigate more than 70 hectares of Muhenga and Ngara villages, and it has been functional since February 2023. He said this infrastructure has been beneficial. The agricultural production of one of the rice fields of that cooperative has, in fact, increased from 20 to 57 bags of paddy rice.

As for the local farmers, they cultivate throughout all three growing seasons. Currently, that mini dam is irrigating fields of sweet potatoes, maize and vegetable crops.

The leader the Sangwe cooperative calls on Burundians not to expect everything from the State. Creativity and combined efforts are enough to achieve great achievements.

It is worth noting that this cooperative provides for the granting of school materials and small livestock (pigs, rabbits and goats) to its members.