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The second deputy speaker of the National Assembly has taken part in the cleaning of the gutter carrying the water from the roofs of houses


Aug 16, 2023

CIBITOKE August 15 (ABP) – National Assembly Second Deputy Speaker Abel Gashatsi joined, on Saturday August 12, 2023, the people of the headquarters of Cibitoke province, in Rugombo commune, in the community development works consisting of cleaning the gutter carrying the water from the roofs of the houses to the Rusizi River.

In his speech, Mr. Gashatsi praised the massive participation of the inhabitants of that locality in the said works.

He indicated that the good maintenance of that gutter benefits all the inhabitants having houses or passengers in the vicinity of that infrastructure. He congratulated the people for the dry season crops, as recommended by the Head of State.

He encouraged the inhabitants of Cibitoke province to take advantage of the fertility of the soil, for the growth of agriculture, and to produce a lot to meet the demand of their main flow market, the capital Bujumbura. He called on them to keep peace and tighten security, especially near the borders with neighboring countries hosting armed groups, and to report any possible presence of a foreign person to the members of the quadrilogy for security.

He added that we must help each other, without distinction, and avoid any mistrust, even during the election period.

To young people on vacation, the second deputy speaker of the Lower House of Parliament asked them to help their parents, but also to work to find money, in order to buy school materials themselves.

As for the governor of the province Cibitoke Careme Bizoza, he called on the people of the headquarters of the province to continue the cleaning of that gutter, before the fall of the next rains.

He urged the young people of the Rugombo commune on vacation to make their own, the cleaning of the said gutter, for the safety of the urban center, and the prevention of floods linked to that gutter.