• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Media awards ceremony, edition 2024


May 14, 2024

BUJUMBURA, May 14th (ABP) – As part of the celebration of Press Freedom Day, three Media Prizes were awarded to the best journalists. These are the “Media and Peace” Prize awarded by The Press House, the Behavioural Change Prize awarded by the National Communication Council (CNC) and the “Gender” Prize awarded by the Association of Women Journalists (AFJO).

In his speech, the assistant to the Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, Mr. Thierry Kitamoya, expressed his satisfaction with the co-organization of this event by the Press House and the AFJO. A synergy which demonstrates, for him, the commitment to promoting excellence and professionalism within the Burundian media and journalists. Mr. Kitamoya said that the chosen themes: social and behavioural change, peaceful resolution of conflicts as well as the role of women leaders in the fight against GBV reflect the national priorities of Burundi in its quest for development.

                                                                 Competition winners holding the certificates

He congratulated all the participants in the competitions indicating that their productions enlightened the public which will be able to meet the major challenges. He congratulated the winners who contributed to achieving Burundi’s vision. He thanked the partners who supported the organization of these competitions. He called for more media support.

As for journalists, he urged them to make ethics their support and to work for social cohesion in their various productions during this crucial election period.

He promised that the government will strengthen the technical and professional capacities of journalists especially during this electoral period, recognizing that there are still challenges to overcome.

Concerning the “Genre” Prize competition organized by the AFJO, 2 ABP journalists were awarded prizes out of 7 winners. They are Mrs. Odette Iradukunda and Mr. Richard Manirakiza.

The “Media for Peace” prize, organized by Media House, awarded a total of 6 best productions: 2 radio productions, 2 television productions, 1 written press production and 1 online production.

For its part, the CNC, as part of its competition, awarded 7 best radio productions: 3 radio productions, 3 television productions and 1 written press production.