• Wed. May 29th, 2024

School officials are called on to improve their services


May 14, 2024

BURURI, May 14th (ABP) – School officials are called upon to improve their services, by complying with educational, administrative, financial and evaluation standards.

That was said that Tuesday in the capital of the commune of Mugamba during a meeting that the provincial director of education (DPE) in Bururi Mr. Antoine Sabiyumva held for school directors, prefects of studies, members of the school management committees and teachers responsible for the jurisdiction of the Bururi province. That school authority urged those school officials to work on supervising schools under their coordination to establish a self-financing policy by promoting rabbit breeding, planting avocados and coffee trees and tea as well as the cultivation of food crops to increase agricultural production.

DPE Bururi asked school officials to promote hygiene and sanitation in schools as well as sports activities. He deplored the behaviour of certain school principals who prevent students from participating in sporting activities. He gave the example of a certain former athlete Kwizera Dieudonné from the Mugamba commune who stood out at the international level.

Antoine Sabiyumva said that the commune of Mugamba occupies 5th place in Bururi province in external evaluations adding that it is ranked among the last 10 communal education directorates in the country.