• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Physical disability is no longer a reason for begging


Jun 30, 2023

RUTANA June 30th (ABP) – People living with physical disabilities should learn trades, in order to go about work and stop begging.

This appeal was made to them by the leader of the cooperative for disabled people “Biratangaje”, Mr. Béni Emile Barutwanayo, during an interview with a check by ABP.

Founded two years ago, that sewing cooperative includes ten members living with disabilities, who have completed secondary and university studies.

After trying repeatedly to look for job, but without success, Mr. Barutwanayo, brought others together to be able to create their own jobs, he said. At ten, they started with contributions of five thousand Burundi francs each and every month, which allowed them to buy two sewing machines, with which they started their cooperative.

He is delighted that so far, the sewing profession has supported their families, and hopes that they will develop, given the courage of the members and the customer base.

However, the lack of fabrics and other materials that force them to work exclusively on order is one of the challenges faced by the cooperative, Mr. Barutwanayo pointed out.

He appealed to the Ministry in charge of National Solidarity and other organizations to support them with sewing machines.

Mr. Barutwanayo appealed to all people living with disabilities to learn trades, in order to put a stop to begging.