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Father Dieudonné Nibizi calls on politicians going against the grain to follow the President of the Republic


Jun 27, 2023

BUJUMBURA June 27th (ABP) – The afternoon of the 3rd day of the crusade was led by Father Dieudonné Nibizi, priest of the Esprit de Sagesse Parish, who first congratulated the President of the Republic for the anniversary of three years in power and indicated that two kingdoms in the same country are knock themselves down, evoking the example of Jesus Christ, when he drove out the Satanists, at that time the writers also called him Satan.

Based on the chosen theme: “You can beat one person, but not two and a rope made from three constituents does not break easily, he said that among the Burundian leaders, there are some who do not know where to lead the country, who have no projects. There are others who are concerned about personal enrichment, who seek wealth in foreign countries. He has told them that man was not created to enrich himself enormously, that he can be satisfied daily peace and having what sustains him and his family. According to him, the rest is to support the poor. Wanting to get rich quickly makes you lose your personality, Father Nibizi underlined. He invited the Burundian leaders to work, to change pace because, if they continue to work as they are doing, they will be destroying the country.

He also mentioned the desire to compare oneself to others, observed among some Burundians. Thus, he underlined that those people have no vision. He also criticized the behavior of certain leaders who make State heritage their own and use it as family wealth. How can the country develop with this behavior?

The other faults of the leaders that he pointed out are political and democratic unconsciousness. He indicated that among the leaders, there are those who no longer remember the misfortunes of the Burundians, the people who have lost theirs, their property, who cry that poverty overwhelms them, but these politicians do not feel that and say that they are used to their cries. He also castigated what he called loose mores, sexual harassment in the workplace, the sexual vagrancy that some leaders indulge in in their work offices.

He also underlined the incompetence observed in the services because there are not the right people in the right place. He wonders when we are going to differentiate a politician from a propagandist. He warned them about the misuse of God’s name. A thief, an embezzler of public funds, a killer, abusively evokes the name of God. He recalled that the leaders have put God before everything in Burundi and this can be a trap, if they do not work properly, he can punish them. Father Nibizi pointed out that respect for the law is no longer compulsory. Here, he gave the case of certain political leaders who disregard it. He recalled what we must particularly give priority to the poor and that will heal the country for us.

All the wealth of the country belongs to all Burundians including money in the banks. According to him, it is inconceivable that there are people who have billions, while there are the poor. The right to private property is not absolute, we are called on to work for the poor and to serve the nation well.

He urged Burundians to national solidarity, recalling that in the past, people helped one another. We must transform the facilities to sin into facilities to peace and the solidarity that Burundians need must be a reality and not solidarity in words, he said.

The President of the Republic took the floor in his turn and indicated that he saw a messiah in Father Nibizi.

Regarding the incompetence in State services, the Head of State said that things must change, that henceforth a competition must be made to hire the most deserving and announced that in facilities, a call for job applications will be launched soon.