• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

The practice of rabbit farming, a rapidly profitable profession


Jun 22, 2023

CANKUZO June 22nd (ABP) – Rabbit farmer Timothée Bizimana of the commune and province of Cankuzo is delighted with the performance of his profession exercised since 2022.

To start the rabbit farming project, Mr. Bizimana learned about farming techniques on the internet via his own smartphone. He started his business with a capital of four rabbits and has more than 200 rabbits in a year.

Rabbit farmer Bizimana praises raising rabbits as a less expensive activity compared to other types of farming. He clarified that the rabbit’s gestation period lasts only one month.

Regarding value added to family income, he noted meat and manure. In addition, the monthly income from the project is equivalent to more than BIF 200 thousand. Mr. Bizimana said that he is involved in the construction of hutches for beginners in the rabbit farming profession.

His vision is to become a professional rabbit farmer: “I want to make significant progress in rabbit farming to make a living, I must say that no job will be able to attract me in the future”. Regarding the difficulties related to this profession of rabbit farming, Mr. Bizimana pointed out the problem of climate change which causes a lot of losses, while specifying that he has already recorded more than 20 deaths in April following the cold. Also, access to rabbit medicines in this province is not easy, he added.

He asks the government to make sufficient veterinary pharmacies available and to help rabbit farmers access loans for the promotion of that profession.


The appeal made by the Head of State to raise rabbits has been understood
Bujumbura – Livestock A soldier of the 412th battalion has embarked on rabbit farming project BUJUMBURA, November 13th (ABP) – Soldier Leonidas Nsengiyumva has responded well to the appeal of the President of the Republic of Burundi who calls on Burundians and State institutions to engage in rabbit farming, a check at the headquarters of the Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province by ABP has revealed. His entrepreneurial leadership in raising rabbits started last April and now has more than 135 rabbits and plans to move forward. He wants to become a large rabbit farmer with a large number of rabbits, with a view to providing rabbits to those who would like to raise them. He has already provided rabbits to those who want them. Last month, he sold 12 rabbits, for 25 thousand BIF each. He plans to expand the hutch little by little because, he stressed, the iron sheets, boards and pipes are expensive today. Mr. Nsengiyumva revealed two major challenges to that breeding. He cited a lack of veterinary technicians and good breed rabbits. He called on the State to help rabbit farmers to treat rabbits and provide them with good breeds in order to cross them with the local breed to find a disease-resistant breed.
270 cows have been distributed to the inhabitants of the Matongo commune