• Sun. May 19th, 2024

The governor’s advisor in charge of development paid a visit to youth cooperatives


Apr 12, 2024

CANKUZO, April 9th (ABP) – The advisor in charge of development in the office of the governor of the Cankuzo province Mr. Ferdinand Birahanyi, accompanied by the head of cooperative movements Mr. Ezéchiel Nteziriba and the president of the women’s forum in that province Mrs. Médiatrice Nduwayo paid a visit to youth cooperatives that Wednesday. Those are the Ineza y’urwaruka cooperative which makes soaps and Dushigikirane which makes licking blocks. It is on Mugera hill in Mishiha commune.

That provincial authority of Cankuzo positively appreciated the step already taken by those cooperatives, inviting other cooperatives to follow suit.

The two cooperatives are nevertheless faced with difficulties mainly linked to the acquisition of raw materials following the shortage of fuel given that they are purchased in other provinces. Note that those raids are supported by the local anti-poverty association known as ALCP-URUMURI.