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Civil servants are called upon to contribute to the finishing of the modern stadium


Jun 15, 2023

KARUSI June 15th (ABP) – The governor of Karusi province, Mrs. Dévote Nizigiyimana, brought together, on Tuesday June 13, 2023, all the civil servants residing in the headquarters and the heads of service in the communes to encourage them to militate towards an integrated development of the province.

One of the major projects that must be completed to make way for others is the finishing of the construction of the Karusi modern stadium, according to Mrs. Nizigiyimana. The civil servants were called upon, without exception, to pay their quarterly contributions, before July 5, according to the scales fixed for no more than five years.

Civil servants were called upon to serve as role models in the national agriculture and livestock policy. Also, it is necessary to participate in the drawing of the contour lines during this dry season, in the cultivation by irrigation where possible, in the kitchen garden and in the livestock of rabbits. Civil servants must supervise village farmers both in production and in the conservation and good management of harvest, the governor insisted.

The governor also returned to the education of children. School is the cornerstone of development, she said. For some girls who drop out of school following unwanted pregnancies, she stressed that this phenomenon is deplorable on the one hand and regrettable especially when the perpetrators are civil servants. Worse still, the same perpetrators deny paternity to the newborn. She announced that, from now on, no child will be registered in the marital registry in the name of his grandfather or as an unknown father