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Rabbits have been granted to women’s cooperatives and associations of Rutana commune


May 29, 2023

RUTANA May 29th (ABP) – Three hundred and eighty rabbits worth five million nine hundred and four thousand Burundian francs were granted on Friday, May 26, 2023 to thirty-eight women’s cooperatives and associations from all the villages of the Rutana commune, by members of the CNDD-FDD party in Rutana province, a check by ABP revealed.

In his speech, the secretary of the ruling party in the said province, Mr. Sylvain Nzikoruriho, pointed out that this granting of rabbits is registered within the framework of the implementation of the project of the President of the Republic consisting in the practice of raising at least five rabbits for each household.

The goal of the project of granting rabbits to women’s cooperatives and associations of that province is to reach all the women’s cooperatives operating in all the villages. Mr. Nzikoruriho mentioned his satisfaction with its state of progress, specifying that the project has been 63.68 percent complete so far. In order to achieve the goal of the President of the Republic’s project aimed at ensuring that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket, money,” which will be made possible by the efforts of the entire population in their diversity”, Mr. Nzikoruriho called on the officials of the office responsible for livestock to make available veterinarians who will help fight diseases in those rabbits so that they can multiply quickly. Note that the ceremonies were marked by the presence of executives, namely the second vice president of the Senate and the governor of the province of Rutana.