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The public service mutual insurance agency has been opened


May 26, 2023

RUTANA May 26th (ABP) – Affiliates of the public service mutual insurance (MFP) in Rutana province are invited to place orders for biometric cards as soon as possible because there is a trend towards a permanent suspension of cardboard cards. That appeal was made to them on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 by Mr. Ramadhan Nyandwi, the director general of the said organization, during the official opening of an agency in Rutana province.

In his speech, Mr. Nyandwi said that this agency was set up as part of the decentralization of public services. He stressed that the ultimate goal is to insert offices of the mutual civil service insurance in all the hospitals of the communes.

Services including that of the pharmacy, the registration service, that of recovery and the service of control of the services which were available in the agencies of Bururi, Makamba and Gitega, will from now on be granted even in the new agency of Rutana, Mr. Nyandwi pointed out.

As for the affiliates of the public service mutual insurance, they are delighted that they will benefit from its services without having spent a lot of money and time for travel.

Mr. Nyandwi called on the employees of the civil service mutual insurance in Rutana, and on all the people of the said province, to protect the premises housing the agency.