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Chief Justice has joined people in development work


Apr 4, 2023

MWARO April 4th (ABP) – Chief Justice Emmanuel Gateretse joined, on Saturday April 1, 2023, the people of Gatare village in Gisozi commune, in community work consisting in maintaining and cleaning gutters of the road leading to the headquarters of Gisozi commune, near the Kayokwe river.

On that occasion, he asked the people to abide by the law and the authorities from the top to the bottom because, where the law is absent, disorder reigns. Mr. Gateretse called on them to protect public property and especially State lands. He asked those who made them their own to hand them over to the State to build public infrastructure that people need.

The governor of Mwaro province, Colonel Gaspard Gasanzwe, indicated that all the communes are peaceful and that people go about their work normally. He indicated that a large number of cases have been dealt with in the courts and that the magistrates in that province organize field visits every month for the enforcement of the trials settled. He did not fail to point out that the justice sector in Mwaro is also experiencing problems. The public prosecutor’s vehicle broke down, which slowed down some activities and requested support for its repair. The other problem reported is the lack of personnel in the sector. He asked to increase the staff to facilitate the settling of cases and the implementation of verdicts settled on the field.