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Participation of the President of the Senate in community development work carried out in Giharo commune


Mar 14, 2023

RUTANA March 14th (ABP) – Burundi Senate President Emmanuel Sinzohagera joined the people of Muzye zone, Giharo commune of Rutana province, on Saturday March 10 in community development work consisting in filling the potholes in the national road number eleven connecting the province of Rutana and that of Cankuzo, a check by ABP revealed.

In his speech for the occasion, Mr. Sinzohagera encouraged the people of that commune who continue to do everything so that this road is more applicable, before mentioning that among the government’s projects for Rutana province in the near future is that of tarring of the aforementioned road. He also promised them to collaborate with the minister in charge of infrastructure to bring machines that will help maintain that road until the said project is implemented.

As we are in the month dedicated to women, Mr. Sinzohagera underlined the fact that in the natural region of Kumoso, the rate of schooling for girls is lower, the majority going to marry being even younger. He appealed to girls to love school, and to parents to send their daughters to school so that they can prepare women leaders for years to come.

                                                View of the people of Muzye after the community development work

The president of the Senate again called on the people of Giharo commune not to waste agricultural production by taking it for the market. He continued by calling on the inhabitants of the Muzye zone to stop polygamy, for those who still practice it, because it is a source of a lot of problems in families.

For young people and women, Senate President Sinzohagera reminded them that the government has provided banks for them. He called on the inhabitants of the two categories, to team up in development cooperatives in order to be able to benefit from the loans within those banks, to embark on self-development projects.

Note that Senate President Sinzohagera appealed to the people of Rutana province to value the fertile soil that God gave them by growing different kinds of crops there.