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The people of Nyabihanga commune are called on to invest in development projects


Mar 15, 2023

MWARO March 15th (ABP) – The people of Mwaro province, especially those of Nyabihanga commune, are urged to roll up their sleeves to increase agricultural production in order to cope with rising food prices. They are also called upon to invest in works of public interest, especially the rehabilitation of bridges to facilitate the movement of goods and people.

That appeal was made by the Vice President of the Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye on Saturday, March 11, during community works to toughen the bridge linking Mbogora village of Nyabihanga commune and Rwankangoma village in Kayokwe commune.

After community work, Mrs. Ndadaye, at the same time chairperson of the communal council of Nyabihanga commune, held a meeting for the natives of that commune.

During that meeting, the communal administrator of Nyabihanga, Mr. Gérard Nizigiyimana, said that Nyabihanga commune is peaceful as a whole and that people are at work for development. However, he deplored the minimal number of teachers, lack of school benches and teaching materials in the education sector. Despite all those challenges, Nyabihanga commune ranked first in national exams at the province level six years ago, he said.

In turn, Mrs. Ndadaye invited the participants to self-evaluate in relation to the development projects designed by the communal administration. It is in that context that she called on everyone to give their all so that the Nyabihanga commune regains its former position as the breadbasket of the province and of the other provinces. She also invited the natives of Nyabihanga to peaceful cohabitation in their diversities. Note that the day’s activities ended with a football match, the exchange of wishes for the year 2023 and the official launch of the Twibukane library.