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Towards the non-consideration of the ethnic quota in the attribution of different functions


Mar 14, 2023

RUTANA March 14th (ABP) – The members of the communal councils working in Rutana province should all read the law governing the communal council in order to know their rights and duties. This was said by the president of the Burundian Senate, Mr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera, in a meeting he held for them on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at the headquarters of Rutana province.

During that meeting, Mr. Sinzohagera deplored that many communal councilors live outside their native village and rarely visit them. According to him, this means that they receive little information about those villages, and do not know what problems haunt the people in order to solve them, whereas it was their mission in the communal council.

He called on them to defend the interests of their villages of origin in the commune because the development of these depends on them, he said.

Regarding the ethnic quota that is observed in the membership of the defense forces, those of security, and in the occupation of certain functions in the country, Mr. Sinzohagera expressed himself underlining his wish to consider in the future the qualifications and not the candidate’s ethnic group. He invited the communal councilors to consult the people of their villages of origin to listen to their ideas about that problem. Decision-making process will depend on the views of the people of Burundi, he insisted.