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An emergency trip has been made to comfort people shocked by the unexpected death of a child


Jan 26, 2023

MURAMVYA January 26th (ABP) – The governor of Muramvya province, Diomède Nzabimana, accompanied by the public prosecutor in Muramvya and the administrator of the Muramvya commune, made a joint emergency trip to the Buzirambiya sub-village.

The trip was made after being informed of the case of a child who died unexpectedly and another injured by a large branch from one of the trees which were being cut and sawn in a communal forest located in the aforesaid sub-village. The incident took place last week, and the motives that led to the cutting of those trees remain unknown, according to the communal administration.

Addressing the people, the public prosecutor in Muramvya, Jean Paul Bizindavyi, said that investigations are already underway to punish the offense.

In his message of comfort to the family that lost the child in particular and to the people of the locality, Governor Nzambimana asked them to overcome anger and invited them to continue to show the culture of solidarity.

The delegation led by the governor of Muramvya also seized the opportunity to give a support package to the bereaved family. Note that the head of the comforted family and some of the people who took the floor, led by the leader of the Biganda village, took their turn to commend the initiative of the administrative and judicial officials to associate with them in those hard times.