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Sapor and Sorora alcoholic beverages harm the health of the people


May 10, 2024

MURAMVYA, May 8th (ABP) – The governor of Muramvya province (central-west Burundi), Mr. Euphrèm Ndikumasabo, organized on Monday, May 6, a provincial security meeting bringing together municipal administrators and heads of provincial services during from which the participants reviewed the state of the premises in relation to security which is generally good, the ABP learned on site.

Municipal administrators, notably those of Muramvya and Rutegama, have nevertheless made it known that highly alcoholic drinks such as Sapor and Sorora are harmful to the health of the population. They have already caused the deaths of 5 people in a period of less than a month, they said. Three people died not far from the capital of the Muramvya commune and province, another person died at Masango hill, while a case of death was reported in Rutegama commune.

The administrative authorities have suggested that this type of drinks put in plastic bottles are consumed in large quantities in these days of shortage of Brarudi drinks. Even state officials pretend to take Fanta while mixing it with Sapor or Sorora, it was reported, adding that these drinks will continue to cause trouble for families who lose their loved ones, they lamented.

                                                                                                                                     View of meeting participants

Speaking, Muramvya Provincial Police Commissioner Col. of pol. Gilbert Bizindavyi, who confirmed the information provided by municipal administrators in terms of security, suggested taking preventive measures so that these drinks, which cause loss of human life, cannot continue to cause damage, while waiting for the decisions of the highest authorities of the country which have the prerogatives to stop or not the marketing of this type of drinks after in-depth investigations.

As for the public prosecutor in Muramvya, Mr. Jean Paul Bizindavyi, he regretted that the people who lose their lives after consuming alcoholic beverages are people who get drunk every day and who are unfortunately served by retail traders. The latter are unaware, according to him, that what they do is punishable by law. From now on, sellers of alcoholic beverages who welcome minors or drunks, as well as those who do not save lives in danger, will be arrested and punished in accordance with the Burundian penal code, declared the public prosecutor in Muramvya.

Alongside the cases of public drunkenness which go so far as to lead to the death of drunkards, the participants in this provincial security meeting mentioned some cases of theft in the fields and in households. It was even reported the theft of 800 pounds of the 4th fundamental year in the ECOFOs of the DCE Rutegama, and many other cases of irregularities related to the selected seeds, in this case hybrid corn which is not yet available for growing season C.

Provincial Governor Muramvya took this opportunity to announce the government’s new objectives to renovate coffee culture. This involves closing cherry coffee collection centers, cutting corners with loan sharks and eradicating cheating by those who rig the scales. Daily declarations of the quantities of coffee purchased are also recommended to managers of parchment coffee factories. The provincial committee and the municipal committees which will soon be set up and chaired by the governor himself on the one hand and the communal administrators on the other hand are responsible for closely monitoring the census of all coffee trees existing in the province. They will ensure pumping, mulching and manuring, added Governor Ndikumasabo, also insisting on strict respect for places recognized for the sale of coffee in Muramvya province.