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Annual planning conforms to that of EAC countries, the PM says


Dec 19, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 19 (ABP) – The Prime Minister (PM) of Burundi, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca presented to the two Houses of Parliament on Friday, December 16, in the Kigobe hemicycle, the government’s annual action plan, fiscal year 2022-2023, carried out by the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning.

The Prime Minister indicated that the annual planning in Burundi is done in accordance with that of the other countries of the East African Community (ECA). It begins on July 1 of the year and ends on June 30 of the following year, he said.

According to him, the actions retained in the annual action plan have a national scope and ensure the implementation of the policy sector as well as the objectives of sustainable development.

                                                                                            Parliamentarians in the plenary

With the 2018-2027 national development plan, which talks about good governance, the Prime Minister announced that the government has set itself the objective of modernizing public services, starting with the digitization of pilot civil-status services.

This action plan also promotes community development in the implementation of the national program, noted the Prime Minister. He added that this plan aims, among other things, at community development and the improvement of the supply of care and services for maternal, newborn, child, adolescent, young and elderly health, as well as quality nutritional health.

In addition, it is expected to open and equip the physiotherapy services at the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and in the hospitals of Ijenda and Muyinga, while the hospitals of 40 districts will be equipped with cylinders and their accessories. Communal hospitals will be provided with 50 medical and non-medical ambulances when the health district offices are constructed and equipped.

It is worth noting that this work must be carried out throughout the national territory, with an amount of 859,458,937,935 francs.