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Communal leaders are called upon to display good behavior


Dec 20, 2022

RUTANA December 20th (ABP) – Leaders should display good behavior in front of the public and offer quality service to anyone who asks for it.

These are the words of the governor of Rutana province, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, during a meeting he held for communal administrators and their advisers last week in the headquarters of that province.

Governor Nibitanga regrets that there are officials who do not do their job properly, indicating that this is a loss for the country. He called on them to respect their specifications to contribute to the development of the country while remembering that they must serve as a model in the community.

Aware that there are executives who are unaware of their responsibility, Mr. Nibitanga invited them to read texts governing their work, those relating to the rights and duties of the worker.