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Civil servants must offer a quality service to contribute well to the development of the country


Nov 9, 2022

RUTANA November 9th (ABP) – Civil servants must be punctual in their daily work, and offer quality service to the population who needs it, said the governor of Rutana province, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, during an exchange meeting with the civil servants of the commune Giharo, last week, with the chief town of that commune.

Mr. Nibitanga told the participants that the people must pay taxes to have development through the quality service they receive from these officials. He reminded them that they receive their wages from these taxes, and must serve him well in return, in accordance with the law governing their work.

During this meeting, Governor Nibitanga stressed the importance of punctuality of workers, and invited managers to be good examples.

Concerning the civil servants of that province who practice polygamy, the provincial governor reminded them that this practice is not authorized in Burundi, and called on those who do it to stop because, if it appears on a civil servant, it constitutes a bad example for the other inhabitants of the constituency.

While knowing that rumors promote insecurity in the country, Mr. Nibitanga deplored that some officials of this commune are carriers of rumors. He called on them to verify information before releasing it. It should be noted that the governor of Rutana province appealed to the officials present in this meeting to respect the hierarchy in the resolution of the various problems that may arise at work.