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Women leaders are called upon to develop profitable development projects


Nov 9, 2022

GITEGA November 7th (ABP) – The National Women’s Forum has organized since Wednesday, November 2, 2022, in Gitega (Center of the country), a two-day training workshop on the development of projects for women leaders’ development associations from all the municipalities of the country.

In her opening speech, the director of the department of gender equality Mrs. Donavine Niyonsaba, indicated that the government of Burundi is committed to promoting Burundian women by setting up a program to strengthen the economic capacities of women for the period 2019-2027, BIDF Bank etc. She also pointed out that the training organized by the National Women’s Forum for women leaders of associations is an opportunity offered to them to carry out their projects and particularly develop their families in particular and their country in general.

                                                                                                            View of participants

The vice-president of the National Women’s Forum, Mrs. Madeleine Bamwizere indicated that this training will be of paramount importance for women leaders of development associations because, she says, it will enable them to develop profitable projects.

To that end, she added that this training will enable them to develop projects eligible for the investment and development bank for women BIDF which was created for them so that they can take out loans for the financing of their investment projects.

Mrs. Bamwizere indicated that she hopes that these women in training will succeed in the implementation of their own projects since the studies carried out have shown that the credits contracted by the women have generated much more than those contracted by the men.

Nshimirimana Renilde from Muramba hill in Buhinyuza commune of Muyinga province highly praised the training related to project planning that she received from the National Women’s Forum. She reported that she had already recorded several failures in the realization of her projects but that currently she hopes that there will be a marked improvement in the realization of the women’s projects.

Mrs. Nshimirimana indicated that she will thus renew her project related to the manufacture of flour for porridge. She challenged other women to create sustainable development projects to develop their respective families. Ms. Nshimirimana called on men to support their wives in the realization of their projects, because sometimes, according to her, men can be obstacles to the development of women.