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The first vice president of the Senate has joined the people of Gihinga village in the community development work


Jun 1, 2022

MWARO June 1st (ABP) – The first vice president of the Burundian senate, Mrs. Dénise Ndadaye, has joined forces with the provincial administration of Mwaro and the people of Gihinga village, Kayokwe district in community development work consisting of the maintenance of the road linking Mwaro-Gitega passing through Kibimba.

In his welcoming speech, the chief of the governor’s office in Mwaro, Mr. Athanase Ciza, warmly thanked the courage of Mrs. Dénise Ndadaye, adding that in general, peace and security reign in Mwaro province and people go about development activities. He asked the first vice president of the Burundian Senate to plead for the asphalting of that road.

Taking the floor, Mrs. Dénise Ndadaye said that the road is one of the pillars of development.

Before the State helps in the construction of this road, they must organize themselves by doing the maintenance work, she said. Development comes from the people and returns to them. She pointed out that in recent days, Mwaro province has been in insecurity in some localities including Gihinga village in Kayokwe commune.

She called on the people to maintain peace and tighten security while strengthening unity and the joint security committee, as well as increasing production. Regarding education, she invited teachers and parents to collaborate for good supervision and avoid sexual vagrancy. In the national competition, the Kayokwe commune occupied an unsuitable place from which she called on the competent authorities to change the strategy.