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Movement and slaughter of large livestock in Mwaro and Ruyigi provinces have been prohibited


Jun 1, 2022

MWARO/RUYIGI June 1st (ABP) – The governors of Mwaro and Ruyigi provinces prohibit the movement and slaughter of cattle, sheep and goats in order to deal with the disease known as “Rift Valley fever”.

In Mwaro province, the governor of Mwaro province, Mr. Gaspard Gasanzwe, has taken measures to restrict the movement of cattle, sheep and goats in order to deal with the contagious disease not yet identified. This is read in a press release issued on Friday May 27, 2022.

In that press release, Governor Gasanzwe brings to the attention of the people that a highly contagious disease which attacks cows, goats and sheep without forgetting humans has been reported in certain provinces in these days.

In order to preserve human health and that of animals in Mwaro, the provincial governor reminds that the livestock in permanent stabling continues and must be scrupulously observed. Movement of cows, goats and sheep is prohibited throughout Mwaro province.

Given the great contagion of the disease, that provincial authority urges the people not to ignore these measures in order not to expose themselves to severe sanctions. Thus, he asks the administrative authorities and the security forces to ensure strict compliance with those measures. He also asked the people to inform the veterinarians and the administration as soon as possible when symptoms of the disease are observed.

In Ruyigi province, the governor’s office issued a press release, which was read in all the churches, on Sunday, May 29, for the strict prohibition of back-and-forth movements as well as the slaughter of cattle in that province.

This decision mitigates the risk of high contamination between animals and even between humans and animals. The governor’s office specifies that this is a preventive measure which arises right after having already noted that certain border provinces of Ruyigi have already shown confirmed or suspected cases of this disease.

People are warned not to override that measure for their well-being. The security bodies and the administration are called upon to implement the measure, otherwise, sanctions are provided for.