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The Vice-President of the Republic has called on the inhabitants of Mabayi commune to focus more on agriculture


Mar 1, 2022

CIBITOKE February 28th (ABP) – The Vice-President of the Republic, Prosper Bazombanza paid a visit, Thursday, February 24 in Cibitoke province, to join the people of Mabayi commune, in the plantation of bamboos and maesopsis eminii , on the bank of the Ruhwa River, common border between Burundi and Rwanda.

About 400 bamboos and 4000 maesopsis eminii were planted on the Burundian riverside, Ruhororo village and zone, Mabayi commune in Cibitoke province.

For the Vice-President of the Republic, this activity fits well with the environmental protection program “Ewe Burundi Urambaye”, which is initiated to reforest all the bare hills of the country. The same goes for the protection of the banks of the rivers, which consists in the protection of borders and cultivable land, in order to preserve fertility to prevent its displacement for the benefit of the countries crossed by the Nile River, he said.

Satisfied by the large participation of the people in that activity, he encouraged the inhabitants of Mabayi commune to focus more on agriculture to produce a lot, at a time when the year 2022 was dedicated to agriculture. He reminded the participants that it is necessary to take advantage of the recent measure of suspension of the sanctions that the European Union had taken against Burundi, to catch up in the development and benefit from the good international relations.

Encouraging the inhabitants of Mabayi to protect the environment, he urged them to observe the law for their mineral exploitation activities.

In terms of teaching, he gave advice to students, for the courage to want to move forward. To the teachers, Mr. Bazombanza asked them to be good educators who set a good example in those around them.

Returning to the governor’s remarks, during his welcoming address, when he declared that only one case of Covid-19 remains hospitalized in Cibitoke, he did not forget to challenge the population to respect barrier measures. government against this pandemic.