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2022 new year greeting exchange party


Mar 2, 2022

CIBITOKE March 1st (ABP) – Natives and residents of Cibitoke province met on Sunday, February 27, to discuss achievements, constraints, future prospects for the year 2022, and exchange of New Year’s greetings 2022. The ceremonies of that day were enhanced by the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Community Development, and Public Security, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, also a native of the same province.

In his speech, the Minister of the Interior gave a lot of advice to the participants, and congratulated the provincial governor for many achievements in 2021. Among the priorities and prospects for 2022, Minister Ndirakobuca asked to consider the construction an additional water tank, for the recovery of the overflow, which can be used during the period of reduction of the water in the pipes. He pleaded for electric meters for the benefit of applicants for electric current from their neighbours. On the construction projects of the administrative offices, the Minister recommended to the administrative officials the good maintenance of the existing offices. He also recommended that communal administrators properly manage communal revenues and monitor the disbursement of funds granted to Sangwe cooperatives by the government.

The governor of Cibitoke province, Mr. Carême Bizoza, was delighted with the construction of infrastructures during the year 2021, in particular the school for the deaf and dumb, which has undergone finishing works and whose opening is scheduled for next September. He mentioned the communal lodgings of Rugombo and Murwi built in 2021. Mr. Bizoza also indicated that the means for the extension of Cibitoke hospitals are already available and that we are waiting for the formalities to start the work. He pleaded for another supply of drinking water, to serve the people of the communes Rugombo, Mugina and Buganda who do not have drinking water.

Speaking of education, the provincial governor called on natives to contribute to improving the performance of the province in national exams. He rejoiced that his province ranked 2nd nationally in the 2021 state examination when it was ranked 18th in the year 2020 and moved up from 13th (2020) to 11th place in the year 2020. national competition, 2021 edition.

He also referred to many achievements in the field of environmental protection, agriculture and animal husbandry, noting that 306 Friesian cows which have been granted to the population of Cibitoke through development projects and programs.

Governor Bizoza urged the natives to support the provincial football team, so that it is always champion, an important visibility for the province. After the presentation of the achievements, the natives shared a glass of friendship and exchanged New Year’s wishes for 2022.