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Volleyball season kick-off tournament, basketball playoffs go on


Feb 18, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 16th (ABP) – The Burundi Volleyball Federation organized on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at the sports department field, a launch tournament for the current season and two matches for the final were on the program, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

On the women’s side, the Muzinga and GLC teams crossed swords and Muzinga took the victory. Muzinga beat GLC 3 sets to 2.

On the men’s side, the traditional rivals, namely Rukinzo from the police and Gacosmos, played the final and Rukinzo won the cup without difficulty by literally dominating Gacosmos who bowed to Rukinzo with a score of 3 sets to zero.

In addition to individual prizes including the two best players, a woman and a man to whom the Flamboyant bar-restaurant gave an envelope of 100 thousand each, the losing teams had an envelope of 250 thousand each, while those who won in final had a cut and an envelope of 500 thousand each.

During an interview he granted to the press, the president of the Burundi volleyball federation, Mr. Serge Ntakavura indicated that the participating teams behaved well and raised the level, although there always have a winner and a loser in a competition.

He pointed out that the valuation of the cups will continue underlining that the winners of the cups have benefited from the envelopes which will help them to buy something, adding that from now on the cups will be marked and bear the name of the championship in which it was placed. game so that in the future, if a team has won a lot of cups, we can identify the competition they won, he said.

                                                                 The leader of the Volleyball Federation of Burundi

The leader of the Burundi volleyball federation asked the clubs to prepare more and to be in order with the papers especially the licenses so that tomorrow there is no club that is accused of fraud, he said. spear.

At the same time, he invited the companies that gave them sponsors to stay by their side because if it had not been for these companies, the federation would not organize such an important activity like that, added Mr. Ntakavura considering that the show organized that weekend is presentable compared to those organized previously.

He also asked the ministry having sport in its attributions to be at their side by supporting the national team which will be put in place soon and which will represent Burundi. He asked him to make sufficient means available to this team so that in the days to come, if the national team is called upon to participate in competitions, that it goes there to participate with the objective of winning the matches and not just going for a walk.

Mr. Ntakavura also asked volleyball associations in the interior of the country to organize competitions of that kind, so that volleyball shines even in the communes, promising that balls and other equipment will be given to them in order to promote volleyball in all the provinces he finished.

The weekend was also enhanced by basketball competitions, still the playoffs within the association of basketball clubs of Bujumbura (ACBAB) organized by the Basketball Federation of Burundi (FEBABU) with the financial support of the department Viva of the Brewery and Limonaderies of Burundi (BRARUDI), playoffs counting for the Road Viva Basketball to League.

Indeed, on Saturday there were two meetings. Mutanga United clashed with Urunani, the two teams parted ways with Urunani team winning 95 to 81 although Mutanga put in a lot of effort to win the match, with their guard Noé Toto Cuma offering a great show by scoring 3points repeatedly and totaling 31 points alone, that team failed to win.

The second game was between Muzinga and New star. Muzinga dominated New Star from the start of the match until the end of the 3rd quarter. New Star thanks to its experience and good coaching, the club came up with the score surprising the supporters and at the end of regulation time, the score was equal 81 points everywhere and it took 5 minutes of overtime to decide between the two teams which remained face to face 88 points everywhere with 18 sec remaining and New star scored 2 points in money Time and won the victory thanks to his experience on a score of 91 points to 89 from Muzinga.

Sunday, two meetings were also at the rendezvous. The first match was between Hippos and Gymkhana, one team according to the predictions was favorite but the two teams went head-to-head without a big point difference and the match ended in victory for Hippos with a tight score of 74 points to 73 from Gymkhana.

The second match was played by the Remesha and Kern teams. Despite the good defense of Kern’s players, the latter was beaten by Remesha with a score of 61 points to 53 from Kern.

Note that in those playoffs 10 clubs from Bujumbura participate and it will take 6 equipped from the economic capital and 4 teams from the interior of the country to total 10 teams which will participate in the League.