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The effective reconciliation of Burundians should be based on truth without any political speculation


Dec 15, 2021

BURURI December 15th (ABP) – The Dushirehamwe association organized community exchange sessions in the communes of Bururi, Songa, Rutovu and Matana where it brought together various community actors.

Mrs. Espérance Niyuhire, the representative of the Dushirehamwe association at the provincial level, said that the ideas of achieving real reconciliation came from the grassroots administrative officials and from the community leaders at the village level. She added that the people who hold the truth about the tragedies that have shaken the Burundians do not dare to say it for fear of being killed. Others refuse to denounce the perpetrators because, she explains, there is often interference by administrative authorities in the judicial system and ignorance of the same vision on the tragic history of Burundi, which is often biased.

During the discussions, the participants recommended that the elected representatives of the people, namely the MPs and the senators, make trips to the communes to listen to the grievances of the people on transitional justice and reconciliation in order to have a common vision on what happened in Burundi.