• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Holding a workshop to examine the results of dungeon monitoring in Cibitoke province


Jun 7, 2024

CIBITOKE, June 7th (ABP) – A workshop organised by the association “Ntabariza-SPF” (Solidarity with Prisoners and their Families) for the authorities and actors in the penal chain of Cibitoke province, took place on Monday 3 June 2024 at the provincial capital.

According to project coordinator Gaudence Habonimana, the aim of the event, which was part of the “Access to justice for the vulnerable and victims of human rights violations” project, was to discuss detention conditions in the province’s dungeons. She praised the good collaboration with the police during the visits to the various cachots, and the facilitation of officials from the Ministry of Justice in advocating for the improvement of detention conditions.

The same official continued to plead with the participants, made up of municipal commissioners and OPJs, for good conditions of detention. To prevent prison overcrowding, she pointed out that, as far as the law is concerned, freedom should be the principle and detention the exception. Ms Habonimana pointed out that anyone deprived of their liberty should be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.

                                                                                             View of the participants

That civil society activist also insisted that trials must be fair for all people, rich or vulnerable. For Cibitoke province, as for other provinces that do not have prisons, she pointed out that the issue of prison overcrowding remains a reality, with its impact on food, hygiene, sanitary facilities, housing and others. She did not forget to mention abuses such as arbitrary detention, arrests for minor offences, civil debts, breach of trust, lack of speed in processing cases and exceeding custody deadlines, …

For the Legal Representative of Ntabariza-SPF, Jean Marie Nshimirimana, access to justice for the vulnerable and victims of human rights violations remains a priority for achieving the national vision 2040-2060. He encouraged the OPJs to be diligent in their work, despite a few shortcomings that could be remedied in the coming days.

The First Deputy Public Prosecutor, François Nkezabahizi, thanked the Ntabariza-SPF association for its contribution to fair justice for everyone. He encouraged the good collaboration between the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Cibitoke and the police.