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People of Bubanza are urged to ensure security and engage in self-development activities


Jul 26, 2021

BUBANZA July 26th (ABP) – Provincial police commissioner Edouard Mukoko expressed satisfaction at the good collaboration between the joint security committees and members of the quadrilogy, he told a check by ABP in an interview. In addition, he advised the people to redouble their efforts to engage in self-development activities. He indicated that thanks to that collaboration, the police seized illegally detained firearms during the period from June 20, 2020 to June 20, 2021.

These are four rifles, 22 grenades, 214 cartridges, two rocket launchers.

On that occasion, an armed band was dismantled. The police also seized, among other things, 1,435 loincloths entered illegally, 1,597 liters of prohibited drinks, 3,570 liters of brewing products, more than 88 kilograms of hemp, fuel sold illegally, and sachets while they were declared prohibited, as well as expired pharmaceutical products.

The provincial police commissioner urged all those involved in those cases to give them up and instead deal with legally recognized income-generating activities. Mr. Mukoko thanked the Joint Security Committee and the Quadrilogy for this commendable work while asking them to remain vigilant at all times to ensure peace and security.