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The inhabitants of Bubanza province are called on to patriotism, peacekeeping and development


Jul 14, 2021

BUBANZA July 14th (ABP) – The inhabitants of Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi) are called on to patriotism, peacekeeping and development of their province. This was revealed at the meeting which was held on Friday July 9 by the governor of that province, for the village leaders, where they spoke of security and development.

During the meeting, the governor of Bubanza province, Mr Cléophas Nizigiyimana, asked those village leaders to remain vigilant, to take ownership of peacekeeping and security tightening so that the inhabitants of that province make a catch up for the time lost in the crisis that Burundi has endured since 1993. He said that Bubanza province has been the most affected compared to other provinces.

Governor Nizigiyimana asked the heads of all the units to provide themselves with the registers in which the inhabitants on the spot and their daily behavior are registered. He invites them to exchange information and in real time, whenever they see anything deemed to be cause for insecurity. He promises that someone who denounces a criminal will be awarded a sum ranging between 100,000 and 1,000,000 BIF, after his arrest, a check by ABP revealed.

The governor of Bubanza province took that opportunity to call on his people to go about community development works, to good harvest management and to always seek to remain credible in their respective localities.