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People from Kinanira village are called on to guarantee security


Jul 15, 2021

MUYINGA July 15th (ABP) – The governor of Muyinga province (north-eastern Burundi), Mr. J. Claude Barutwanayo, calls on the people of his province and those of Kinanira village in Giteranyi commune to remain vigilant for the safeguard of peace and security.

Governor Barutwanayo made the appeal on Monday during a meeting with the people in Kinanira village. According to Mr. Barutwanayo, that village has a difficult geographic configuration. Besides its large population, around 10,000 souls, this entity is vast because it borders two countries.

This size would make it difficult to monitor the back and forth movement of the people on those borders. That is the reason why the people must not lower their guard, the provincial authority advised them. He invited them to redouble their vigilance to flush out possible criminals who might come and hide among them. The governor also invited the people from Kinanira to play the role of police in order to flush out the troublemakers because peace and security is the concern of every citizen.

Speaking of the social issue, the governor of Muyinga recommended to the audience, and more particularly to the heads of households, to break with concubine behavior for the interest of couples and their children.

“One woman is enough for a man,” the provincial governor advised them. He recalled that concubine behavior is considered an offense punishable by law.

On the subject of the economy, Mr. Barutwanayo called on the people to fight against fraud because, he said, it enriches a few people and deprives the revenue from the public treasury.

“I recommend that you take ownership of this fight against fraudsters and I promise you that the seizures you make will be given to the vulnerable,” he said.

Returning to development, he sensitized the people of Giteranyi commune to the payment of the contribution for the construction of the provincial office, a flagship project launched in this year and which will cost around 1,800,000,000 BIF. Among other pieces of advice given to the people, Mr. Barutwanayo instructed everyone to strictly observe barrier gestures in order to prevent themselves against the coronavirus.