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Civil society organizations congratulate the CNIDH on its re-accreditation to status A


Jul 1, 2021

MURAMVYA July 1st (ABP) – Around 50 civil society organizations, gathered in a reflection and exchange workshop in Muramvya province (central-western Burundi), said they were glad to learn of the re-accreditation of the Independent National Human Rights Commission (CNIDH) to status A.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, June 29, the signatory civil society organizations let it be known that they sent their compliments to the CNIDH for having spared no effort in terms of guaranteeing and protecting human rights.

Those organizations congratulate the commissioners of the CNIDH, and more particularly its chairman, Dr Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, for their bravery and the efforts they have made so that the CNIDH is re-accredited to status A.

Consequently, the 50 civil society organizations that signed the press release congratulate the government of Burundi for its achievements in the protection of human rights, in particular through the release of prisoners, repatriation of refugees and other human rights initiatives. The signatories took that opportunity to warmly thank the regional and international organizations which have supported the CNIDH in the process of its re-accreditation to status A. The same goes for the media and other partners who have also made their contribution in view of the step taken today by the CNIDH.

The signatory civil society officials also congratulated the people of Burundi for the serenity, cohesion and the maintenance of peace and security that were observed when the CNIDH sought the status A that has been obtained so far, according to that press release read by Gérard Hakizimana, leader of the organization FOLUCON-F.