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An association of the natives of Bukeye living abroad gave a donation of blankets to 164 vulnerable people in that district


Jun 25, 2021

MURAMVYA June 25th (ABP) – About 164 blankets were distributed on Tuesday June 22 to the elderly and disabled as well as to vulnerable orphans in the headquarters of Bukeye commune, Muramvya province (central-western Burundi) from the association of the natives of Bukeye living abroad, a check by ABP revealed. Each of the beneficiaries had a blanket.

According to Mr. Gédéon Bandereye, who handed over the aid on behalf of the association of the natives of Bukeye living abroad, the members of that newly founded association made that gesture to show their attachment to their native district. They also thought of the elderly, the disabled and vulnerable orphans. They agreed to help, as a first step, to give blankets to that category of people, especially the elderly, to protect them against the cold, since Bukeye commune experiences a cold climate, Mr. Bandereye said.

On behalf of the diaspora from Bukeye commune, Mr. Bandereye congratulated the communal administration, starting with administrator Ephrem Ndikumasabo, who spares no effort by favoring exchanges aimed at the development of the commune.

On his part, the communal administrator of Bukeye said that he and all the people of his commune warmly welcomed the help. He hoped that donors always think about their community and help the needy. He called on the members of the association of natives living abroad to provide development projects that could give jobs to young people.

On their part, those benefiting from the blankets expressed satisfaction with the assistance received. They also pleaded so that those benefactors native to their commune and living abroad can think of giving other donations consisting of food, soaps, clothes and hoes, which are basic necessities and difficult to find at home, as reported respectively by Mrs. Marie Banciryanino and Mr. Therence Congera.

Note that the 164 beneficiaries of that aid were chosen the 18 villages of Bukeye district, at the rate of nine people per village.