• Sun. May 26th, 2024

The PRODER activities have been launched in the northern provinces


Apr 12, 2024

NGOZI, April 9th (ABP) – The Rural Entrepreneurship Development Program, PRODER, officially launched its activities on Thursday April 4, 2024, in the northern provinces of the country, namely Ngozi, Kayanza and Muyinga.

Those launching ceremonies were attended by delegates from the 3 provinces, managers of BPEAE, BPS, representatives of young entrepreneurs and local media.

According to Mr. Come Ntiranyibagira, National Coordinator of PRODER, the latter will help talented young people to set up viable projects to give others jobs in successful companies. It is about strengthening the rural world to increase production and generate income.

Mr. Joseph Gahungu, responsible for monitoring and evaluation, said that the said program aims to reduce poverty and improve the food security of rural households. It will also be about fighting against malnutrition which remains a challenge that should not be neglected in rural areas. The promotion of effective and inclusive entrepreneurship remains one of the key objectives of the program. It will be a question of creating an environment conducive to the creation and development of rural businesses, especially based on agriculture and livestock, the main pillars for the development of Burundi.

The program has a substantial envelope of more than 89,399,000 US dollars and intends to target 52,000 initiative and business leaders. It will finance more than 7,800 rural micro-enterprises and 40,000 vulnerable households across the country.

PRODER will operate in 12 provinces of the country and plans to work until March 31, 2030.