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Development of the land for the deaf-mute school which will soon open its doors in Rugombo commune


Mar 7, 2024

CIBITOKE March 5th (ABP) – Community work to develop the interior courtyard of the Karurama deaf and mute school in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi) was organized on Saturday March 2 and was given the participation of elected representatives of the people from a team from the Housing Bank of Burundi (BHB).

According to the governor of the province, Mr. Carême Bizoza, with the finishing work on that social infrastructure, the activity of the day was to earthwork and arranges the interior courtyard of that school for the specialized education of children with a handicap of being deaf and mute.

On the other side of that school, Governor Bizoza reported the construction work of a latrine block, made up of two septic tanks, one of which is already in place, concreted with a slab as well. The province continues to raise funds to complete that three-level infrastructure, which must be among the works to be inaugurated next July or August and open its doors to deaf and mute children from the province and those from other corners of the country, a- he revealed. To achieve that, support is welcome, he stressed, specifying that BHP contributed by donating 100 bags of cement.

The representative of the BHB, at the same time audit director, Mr. Polycarpe Nsabiyumva, presented that support to the provincial governor and invited the people of Cibitoke to use the BHP which offers many services. He listed the credit service, especially for housing construction loans, the supplementary pension service and the marketing service.

Mr. Nsabiyumva noted that BHB already has quite a few customers from Rugombo commune and asked others to follow suit.

As for a BHB agency in Cibitoke province, he said that after two years of working as a Bank, it will continue to create agencies throughout the country, after those of Gitega, Ngozi, Rumonge and four others scattered in Bujumbura Town Hall. But in the meantime, BHB provides its services to customers through the Ecocash and Lumicash system, he said.