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Leaders are called on to be aware of the vision of the country emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060


Mar 5, 2024

CANKUZO March 4th (ABP) – All leaders must be aware of the vision of the emerging and developed country. That call was made to them on Wednesday by the Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Safety Mr. Martin Niteretse. It was during a security meeting that he held for administrative officials and heads of decentralized services in Cankuzo province.

Minister Martin Niteretse congratulated that province of Cankuzo for the step already taken in the field of development, especially with regard to public infrastructure.

He urged the population to focus on self-development work by focusing more efforts on coffee growing and avocado growing which generate foreign currency. However, he said, leaders are called to serve as role models.

Mr. Niteretse nevertheless deplored the case of entrepreneurs not clearing the entire quantity of their imported goods and that in complicity of certain OBR agents especially in Kobero. He said that is causing enormous harm to the country’s economy.

As an illustration, Ninteretse noted that the country lost more than 30 billion BIF from July to September of last year, following the fraud, specifying nevertheless that the OBR recorded a clear improvement in the following months.

He thus invited the leaders of the province of Cankuzo to become actively involved in the fight against fraudulent trade and corruption. Those Cankuzo leaders must also work in complementarity and be aware of the vision of the country emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060, he said.

The safeguarding of peace and security also caught the attention of Minister Niteretse. Among the grievances expressed by the governor of that province, Mr. Boniface Banyiyezako, are the cases of flooding of certain marshes and the lack of agents trained to treat diseases that attack rabbits while emphasizing that the province is currently recording losses in that breeding.