• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

State officials are called on to make innovations in order to have good production


Feb 15, 2024

GITEGA, February 15th (ABP) – The Minister of Civil Service, Labor and Employment, Mr. Venuste Muyabaga, gathered on Monday February 12, 2024, at the headquarters of Gitega province (center of the country), the heads of various services to discuss the challenges that haunt their sectors, in order to propose solutions that will help them implement the 2040-2060 vision.

Minister Muyabaga said that every State civil servant has the obligation to arrive at work on time and to work diligently to improve performance, in order to be real actors in the development of the country.

He recommended that they organize their services well to have satisfactory production, welcome well the citizens who use them and process files on time, in order to serve the people well.

Minister Muyabaga reassured that the Ministry of Civil Service will ensure the capacity building of employees and continuing training on constantly changing work tools, adding that all State services will now be digitalized.

During the discussions, the participants often returned to various issues including administrative unlocking and annual wages for civil servants with special bylaws. For this question, Minister Muyabaga indicated that they are currently awaiting the presidential decree which will set the method of calculating those annual wages, based on the careers of each employee. “As soon as this decree is signed, civil servants will immediately have their wages,” he replied.

The participants in the meeting also asked the minister to plead with the government to increase family allowance costs, to review the list of medications recognized by the Civil Service Mutual Fund, to avoid globalization in the handling of files related to the unlocking of the annual wages, to put in place initiatives for the unemployed, etc.

The minister encouraged them to work diligently and look for innovations to improve production, which will allow them to increase employment in their sectors, particularly in the industry, agriculture and livestock sectors.

Note that Minister Muyabaga asked civil servants whose salaries have been blocked to send their complaints to the telephone number 79809041 instead of going down to Bujumbura.