• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The CNDD-FDD party is committed to fighting against fraud, corruption and other bad behaviors


Feb 15, 2024

CANKUZO, February 15th (ABP) – The secretary of the CNDD-FDD party in the new province of Buhumuza, Mr. Gérard Barutwanayo, held a meeting on Friday, February 9, at the headquarters of Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi) for administrative officials and heads of decentralized services, members of the party, to discuss solutions to the concerns of the people, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Barutwanayo, who recalled that a good leader works for the well-being of the people, invited the leaders of the CNDD-FDD party to build good governance, collaboration and display good behavior.

The CNDD-FDD party has set itself the objective of continuing the fight against corruption, fraud and other bad habits, he underlined, specifying that sanctions are planned for the perpetrators of those vices.

                                                                                                   View of the meeting attendees

He invited the participants in the meeting to raise awareness among the people to tackle self-development work and to serve as models for the success of the vision of an emerging Burundi in 2040 and a developed Burundi in 2060.

However, participants raised complaints from the people related to the lack of medicines in health centers and pharmacies. They also deplored the poor reception given to patients in health facilities.

The secretary of the CNDD-FDD party in Buhumuza indicated that this case is already known and that it has been submitted to the competent authorities.

As for the agriculture sector, participants raised the problem of lack of selected seeds, which can lead to poor yield in the growing season B.